Fast Facts

24-hour operation, 7 days a week.

Distance from Ports:
Five miles.

233.4 acres.  Comprised of 146 acres of primary terminal and 87.4 acres of storage terminal.  ICTF is over 1.3 miles long and 900 feet wide.

Six loading/unloading tracks and one running track which will hold 243 conventional cars and 84 double-stack cars.
Ten additional storage tracks in the Dolores Support Yard, which will hold 169 double-stack cars.
Five parking areas consisting of 2800 container stalls of which 164 are equipped with refrigeration hook-ups (164-240 volt).

Gate House:
16 lanes, all weather, computerized gate complex.  Lanes are reversible.  Portable handheld computer system at check-in point.

High security facility, completely fenced, with tower controlled locking gates, 22 closed circuit cameras, many of which have pan/zoom capabilities designed to monitor the facility perimeter areas and yard activities.  There are roving security officers and one stationary officer in the tower.

Loading Equipment:
Two (2) Mi-Jack 1200 overhead cranes
Seven (7) Mi-Jack 1000 overhead cranes
One (1) Mi-Jack 850 overhead cranes
One (1) Port Packers
Two (2) Taylors (primarily used for flips)

The average volume is 2500 containers per 24 hour period with peak days.  With the implementation of the Gate Allocation Program effective May 2006 in-gate arrivals are currently limited to 1,500 per day resulting in an even flow of traffic throughout the week.

On-Site Buildings:
Control Tower
Administration Building
Inspection Building – 16 lanes
Customs Office
Entrance Office
Terminal Contractor Building
North-End Gate
Emergency Supply Building
Emergency Storage Area
Crane Maintenance Building

Building Specifications:
Administration Building – 16,000 square feet
Control Tower (6 floors) – 10,000 square feet

OASIS on-site computers:
59 Hostler Tractors equipped with on-board computers (VMU’s)
5 Yardcheck Vehicles equipped with on-board computers
Back-up generators to insure 24-hour tower and gate operation